This section supplements the Purchase Terms and Conditions of CONTÉGO Spa Designs, Inc. (“Contego”, “we”, “us” or “our”) (displayed at and incorporated herein) and sets forth the terms and conditions that apply if you purchased our pedicure spa chair(s) and we use a third-party freight company (“Shipper”) to deliver them.

We will arrange for a Shipper to deliver your purchased pedicure spa chair(s) (“Product”) on the agreed-to Requested Ship Date to the salon at Shipping address (the “Premises”) stated on your purchase order. We will instruct the Shipper to leave the Product on wooden pallets on the curb at the Premises. You or a person you engage to do so (the “Technician”), must connect them to water and electricity inside the Premises at the location you specify (the “Hook-Up Site”) in compliance with [user manual] when, and not before, the Premises and Hook-Up Site are Hook-Up and Test Ready. Hook-Up and Test Ready means:

  1. You or your representative are present at the Premises;
  2. All construction, plumbing and electrical work at the Premises and Connection Site that is required to connect and test the Product is complete and complies with all applicable local building codes and Product specifications. This means the Connection Site for each spa chair includes, without limitation, the hot and cold water pipes, waste drainage openings and electrical outlets comply with the specifications contained in the Product’s operating manual (which is accessible via (collectively, “Product Specifications”).


When the Technician completes the hook-up service, the Technician must test your Product to make certain, and confirm, that the plumbing and electrical are working in compliance with the appropriate Product Specifications.