At Contégo Spa Designs Inc., our mission is to revolutionize the pedicure industry with our patented pedicure spa technology. In addition to educating salon owners, we also want the everyday consumer to know about pedicure safety. We are confident in the quality of our products and strive to give you the best customer service. Every Contégo product is designed with unique user-friendly features, while performing at the highest sanitation standards.


Contégo Featured in January 2017 Issue of Nails Magazine - Health Section

SAFER. FASTER. CLEANER. In 2015, the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology announced new legislation that California nail techs using disposable pedicure liners can skip the 10-minute disinfecting soak of their pedicure basin between clients. Enter Contégo Spa Designs Inc., Pedi-Spa Chair. This unique chair was designed with patented technology that includes a disposable foot spa system called [Disposable Pedicure Jet™]. The liner protects each and every client from possible cross-contamination. Both the liner and the jet are disposed of after the service is complete, and every new service begins with a new [disposable pedicure jet]. Your pedicure clients no longer have to give up the luxurious water massage they receive from the traditional foot spa jets because of concerns over safety and hygiene. www.nailsmag.com


Revered by Salon Owners & Customers

Pedicure clients are our biggest supporters because Disposable Pedicure Jet™ is designed to keep them safe. Nail technicians love it because its easy to use, and eliminates the need to sanitaize and reuse massage jets. Salon owners rave about it because happy customers mean a successful business.

Doctor Recommended

Medical professionals endorse Disposable Pedicure Jet™ because it minimizes the risks of infection commonly found in unsanitary nail salons. Unclean pedi- spas are breeding grounds for many harmful micro organisms. Our Disposable Pedicure Jet™ is transforming the pedicure industry.


Novo Pedi-Spa Chair Specifications

All the technical details you need on the Novo Pedi-Spa chair including shipping dimensions, chair dimensions, and instructional diagrams on plumbing and electrical.

Unpacking & Hookup Procedures

If you’re receiving a shipment, this has all the proper procedures for unpacking your pallet and hooking up your new Pedi-Spa chair.


What kind of payment is accepted?

We accept Cash, Checks (Personal, Business, Cashier), and Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard).

What are the dimensions of the pedi-spa chair?

Please refer to the Novo Pedi-Spa Chair Specifications for dimensions. If you need assistance, please contact us.

What type of drain system do I need?

Please refer to the Novo Pedi-Spa Chair Specifications for drain system details. If you need assistance, please contact us.

What type of electrical system do I need?

Please refer to the Novo Pedi-Spa Chair Specifications for electrical system details. If you need assistance, please contact us.

What is the difference between your pedicure jet system and the rest on the market?

Traditional pedicure jet systems are reusable and need to cleaned and sanitized after each service, and if not done properly, could result in cross-contamination and infection. Contégo pedi-spa chairs have a disposable foot spa system called Disposable Pedicure Jet™, that helps protect each and every client from cross-contamination. Pedicure jet tubes are embedded into the liner to provide the foot massage. After the service is complete, both the liner and pedicure jet tubes are disposed of, and every NEW service begins with a NEW Disposable Pedicure Jet™. Not only do you save time from cleaning reusable jets, but you also save money on all the costly chemicals you would have to use!

What are the cleaning procedures for the Novo Pedi-Spa Chair?

Please review laws in your area for cleaning procedures. Contégo pedi-spa chairs are compliant with the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Health and Safety Regulations: Title 16, Division 9, Section 980.4 Disposable Basin or Tub Liners, which states:

(a) Single use, disposable, recyclable, liners designed specifically and manufactured for use as a foot basin or tub liner shall be disposed of immediately after each use and may not be disinfected or reused.
(1) After disposal of the pedicure basin liner the basin or tub shall be scrubbed and cleaned of all visible debris with a clean brush and liquid soap (labeled as such on soap product) and water. The foot basin or tub shall be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry with a new, clean paper towel.
(2) Record the cleaning procedure in the pedicure equipment – cleaning log. The log shall contain the date and time of each cleaning, initials of the person who completed the procedure, and shall indicate that the cleaning was done after a client.
(3) The pedicure equipment-cleaning log shall be made available upon request by either a client or a board representative.
(4) Establishments or schools that utilize the liners must maintain a supply of five (5) liners per foot tub basin for use at all times.
Authority cited: Sections 7312 and 7406, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 7312(e), Business and Professions Code.

Can I use your Disposable Pedicure Jet™ on a spa chair of another brand?

The Disposable Pedicure Jet™ is patented by Contégo Spa Designs, Inc., and therefore, Contégo pedi-spa chairs are the ONLY spa chairs that are compatible with this pedicure jet system.

What is included with the purchase of the Novo Pedi-Spa Chair?

For every pedi-spa chair that you purchase, you will also receive a Pedi Stool. With each order, you will also receive a Marketing Kit, that will assist in informing clients about your pedi-spa chair with a Disposable Pedicure Jet™ system to help keep them safe. The Marketing Kit includes: a beautiful 24x36” Salon Poster, 8.5x11” laminated Handouts customized with your salon name and/or logo, and (for California residents) an 11x17” Poster on the official California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Health and Safety Regulations.

Do you offer a warranty on the spa chair?

We offer a 1-Year Warranty on the pedi-spa chair, and a 3-Year Warranty on the pedicure jet pump. Please contact us for details.

I live outside of the USA; can you ship to me?

We have shipped internationally to Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malta, and Canada. Please contact us for details on shipping to your area.

I live outside of the USA; will this pedi-spa chair be compatible with my electrical system?

We are able to adjust the pedi-spa chair electrical system to meet your individual needs; please contact us for more information.

How do I unpack the shipment and set up the pedi-spa chair?

Please refer to the Unpacking and Hookup Procedures booklet for instructions on unpacking shipments and pedi-spa chair hookup.

What if my order shipment arrives with damages on the box?

Refuse the shipment, or state on signed paper, if there are any visible damages to the shipment. Transportation damages must be claimed within Forty-Eight (48) hours after receiving the products by contacting customer support at Contégo.


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