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NaturalMotion™ Massage

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Your SAFE Pedicure, Our DISPOSABLE AirJet™ Liner

Discover how AirJet™ Technology is TRANSFORMING the Pedicure Industry

CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., has developed a one-of-a-kind PATENTED pedicure spa technology. With hundreds of pedicure products on the market, CONTÉGO pedicure spa chairs stand alone as the ONLY spa chairs that have a 100% disposable foot spa system called AirJet Liner™. CONTÉGO proudly holds this PATENTED design and incorporates it into every pedicure spa chair product that we manufacture. Pedicure clients no longer have to give up the luxurious water massage they receive from traditional foot spa jets in lieu of safety and hygiene. CONTÉGO Pedicure Spa Chairs provide the best of both worlds !!!


AIrJet Liner™ is a patented foot spa system that includes a disposable massage system and pedicure liner.


After each pedicure service EVERYTHING is thrown away. Nothing is re-used from one pedicure client service to the next.


Salon owners never need to worry about wether or not a technician properly sanitized the pipeless or magnetic jets...because there aren't any !


The pedicure spa industry is changing. Patrons around the globe are demanding improved pedicure sanitation. If you are a salon owner, your business cannot afford to be left behind.


Every CONTÉGO product is built to last. Using the finest materials and workmanship, our pedicure spa chairs are designed to perform for years of trouble free service.


From our PATENTED AirJet™ to our SmartFill™, all CONTÉGO Spa Chairs have been designed with one thing in mind...Ease of Use.

Foot spas are one of the easiest places for germs to collect and one of the more difficult things for nail technicians to clean.

Improperly sanitized nail salon equipment can cause infections

Eliminating Bacteria thru 100% Disposability

CONTÉGO pedi-spas eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from prior pedicure services by employing: our Patented AirJet™ Liner. This one-time-use disposable liner and foot massage system ensure SAFETY and minimal downtime time between client services.

Improving Hygiene

CONTÉGO's patented AirJet Liner is easy to set up and requires minimal effort and time between client pedicure treatments. Technicians love CONTÉGO AirJet™ because of its ease of use. Pedicure Clients love AirJet™ because SAFETY is their highest priority

Doctors Recommend CONTÉGO

How AirJet™ Technology Works

Because Pedicure Clients DEMAND Safety and Sanitation !!!

See what all the excitement is about. Pedicure clients are our biggest supporters. Why ??? Because our 100% Disposable AirJet™ Liner is designed to keep them safe and clean. Happy clients = Profitable salons. The CONTÉGO AirJet™ experience ensures CLEAN and SAFE !!!!

  • The first time I saw the new chairs I knew that my prayers had been answered. Finally a pedicure that is guaranteed to be clean !!!!
    Karen M. (Los Angeles)
  • I've purposely avoided pedicure services because of my fear of infection. With this disposable technology I can finally go back to enjoying my pedicure without worries.
    Julia P (Los Gatos)
  • Are you kidding ? This is AWESOME ! Yay for CONTÉGO !!!
    Christine R (Irvine)
  • Its about time somebody figured out how to clean up the act. This new product is something the pedicure industry has been waiting for.
    Johnny S (San Jose)

AirJet™ is SIMPLE

  • Installs in less than 15 seconds
  • Features SmartFill™ Overflow
  • EasyDrain™ ensures quick draining
  • Adjustable Foot Rests
  • No Jets to Sanitize
  • Full feature pedicure station

AirJet™ is CLEAN

  • 100% Disposable
  • One-time-use pedicure liner
  • Provides relaxing foot massage
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • No re-usable parts
  • Happy Pedicure Clients

AirJet™ is SAFE

  • Pedicure Clients Love it
  • Salon Owners Rave about it
  • No need to sanitize spa jets
  • AirJet™ Liner for each service
  • Safe, Clean and Hygenic
  • No more headaches

Doctor Recommended

FACT: Medical professionals endorse CONTÉGO AirJet™ Liner because it minimizes the risks of infection commonly found in unsanitary nail salons. Pedicure spa chairs service up to 20 clients per day. Unclean pedicure spas are a breeding ground for many harmful micro organisms. Our AirJet™ Liner is a game changer that is sweeping across the pedicure world seeking to eliminate this threat...,

Jim Ye M.D.B.H. Elite Medical
As a Medical Doctor I encourage my patients to patronize Salons that carry the CONTÉGO 100% Disposable AirJet™.
H. F. M.D.Beverly Hills
Because the CONTEGO Chair has a disposable AirJet system it is designed to try and minimize infections

Perfect Liner™ ON SALE

Because you should never have a pedicure service with out use of a disposable liner, CONTÉGO introduces its all new PERFECT LINER™. This one-size-fits-all Spa Pedicure Chair Liner can easily fit into any existing pedicure basin regardless of the manufacturer.

Each Perfect Liner™ comes with an elastic band to ensure a snug and secure fit during pedicure services. They are a simple to install and are disposed of after each client ensuring now cross contamination or organic matter carried over from one pedicure service to the next.

Call Us Now to Order Your Perfect Liner™'s Today !!!